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For many parents as soon as they drop their kids off at school they do not have any connection with them until they get home later that night. This can be good for students because it allows for them to focus on school and then focus on the home rather than mixing them together, but this is usually not the case. Students behave and learn better when they know that their parents are interested in what they do and make an effort to know what they are doing through out the day. A teacher parent partnership is a great way for parents and teachers to unite for the sole benefit of the child.

Successful elementary school fundraisers are a direct result of successful teacher parent partnerships. Those partnerships drive the elementary school fundraising effort.

A teacher parent partnership is just a simple way of saying that both the parent and teacher will work together to better the child. Many teachers send out a letter at the beginning of the year explaining what the partnership is. There is no fee, or officers. It is just a way to make sure that the teachers and the parents are on the same page. There are several ways to build the partnership.

One great way is to have parent teacher conferences. Even though the teacher may not have asked the parents for a meeting, it is a great idea for the parents to request one. It seems that conferences are only held when there is something wrong with the child. It could be behavioral problems, learning problems, or something that the teacher may see to be a problem later on in life. Parents should feel free to talk to the teachers at any point of the year. Both the parents and the teachers enjoy conferences that talk about how well the child is doing. Many parents aren’t aware of what the kids are learning or how they are doing. By having a parent teacher conference, the parents can learn more about their kid.

Parents can also volunteer to help out in the class when ever it is needed. They can help plan parties or make decorations. They can bake cookies or just be there for support. This often takes away a lot of pressure from the teacher, and allows them to focus on teaching rather than babysitting. Teachers can also send out weekly newsletters to the parents so that they can know what the kids are doing and what they can expect in the future.

A lot of parents trust teachers to know what is best for their students. Maybe that trust is appropriate but you will never know for sure if you don’t develop a good relationship with your child’s teacher. The same is true in reverse. Most teachers take on full responsibility for students and never attempt to develop a relationship with the parents.

A teacher parent partnership is a great way for kids to know that everyone is on their side. It helps out everyone who is involved, the teacher, parent, and student.

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Teacher Parent Partnership

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This article was published on 2010/10/06
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