Parent Portal Helps to Keep Parents Involved

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For many parents, the shock of seeing a less than excellent report makes them wonder what they have done wrong. With the extended business hours that many parents are working today, it is hard for parents to find enough time to visit schools and see how their child's education is progressing. In fact, the first time they may have an indication that there may be a problem is when they get that first report for the school year.


Parent Portal is designed to give parents a chance to keep up with what is going on in their child's education. Parent Portal allows parents to access their child's school records at any time from any computer connected to the internet. They simply login and will have instant access to online attendance records, grades and assignments. They can see if their child has been missing classes or not handing in homework assignments. For parents with children in more than one school, Parent Portal can have a really positive impact on a child's success at school.


Parent Portal is designed to help busy parents stay involved in their child's education. It is especially beneficial for divorced parents who may live miles away from their child's school. These parents want to know what is going on with their child's education too and this gives them the opportunity to log in and see what progress is being made.


Parent Portal is becoming increasingly popular as more and more schools see the need for increased parental engagement with their child's educational needs. One of the best features of Parent Portal is the notification system for parents when their child misses a class or an assignment. The parent is sent an email or a text message instead of just a letter. As we all know, mail from school does have a tendency to disappear before a parent can see it. This eliminates the chance that parents might not be notified if their child is absent.


The schools that implement Parent Portal are seeing an increase in parental involvement. This is because it simplifies matters and allows the parent to see what is going on at their convenience. Some parents simply do not have the time to visit the school every few days or call to see if there is a problem. Parent Portal takes care of the time issues that affect many parents and schools today.  Parents can immediately see if they need to contact the school without having to phone, write or visit the school, so saving time for the school as well.


In conclusion, Parent Portal is one of the best investments a school can make to ensure all students succeed. For schools, parents and students alike, Parent Portal will get excellent reviews for monitoring a child's educational success.

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School Parent Portal : SIMS Parent Portal : Parent Portal provides schools and parents with the opportunity to see what is happening in a child's education. Parent Portal brings all of a child's records to an online medium that may be accessed from any internet-connected computer. Parent Portal is the best way for parents to know exactly what is going on with their child's education.

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Parent Portal Helps to Keep Parents Involved

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This article was published on 2010/12/03