GPS Tracking Mysteries: What Is A Virtual Perimeter?

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Child safety is the top concern among most good parents today. With so many news reports concerning missing or abducted children, it's becoming more and more scary for parents to take their eyes off of their kids, even for a minute.

Advanced technology has helped humans tackle various safety concerns, child safety being one of them. The advent of Global Positioning System, which helps to track a particular GPS receiver by the help of twenty-four satellites orbiting the planet, has made it possible to track any individual with GPS enabled device, anywhere in the world, at any point of time.

The use of this technology has become quite popular among parents, who most often use it to monitor their children from home.

Child GPS Locators
These locators can help parents track and protect their children either when they are out for some school activities, or when they go out of sight in over-crowded places. Child GPS locators range from watches to small chips, which can be concealed in their accessories.

GPS trackers sets up predefined "virtual perimeter" zone and you will be alerted when the tracker is moving out of that area.

This feature is very handy in protecting your valuables; keep a look on kids, protecting your vehicle etc. For this function your tracker has to be equipped with virtual tracker card.

If you are planning on buying one of the location finder, there are some things to be kept in mind.

1.What type of GPS you need
2.What type of functions you want it to perform?. Is it for child tracking, theft protection? Or there is some other usage. Is your desired GPS device give you your desired functionality?
3.What extra features are there?. (Trackers today come with many extra features like text to speech, blue tooth, camera etc) and how many of those features are of your use because every feature adds up to the price tag.
4.How friendly is the user interface
5.What is the startup/initialization time?
6.How strong is its capability to acquire satellites

Families have adopted GPS tracking technology as a way to promote child safety. For most parents, it's the fear of the unknown that makes growing up hard for parents.

Letting your child walk to school for the first time alone or take the family car is probably one of the hardest things for a parent to do.

What makes GPS tracking so appealing is the fact that parents can give their children independence, while maintaining a level of peace of mind because they can check in on their child anywhere, anytime.

For many parents it's like being there with their kids on the walk home, or in the passenger seat when they take their first solo drive.

Both real-time tracking and passive trackers can provide parents with an inside look of where their kids are going, and what they're doing.

Having this information can help parents open up an honest dialogue with their children to maintain their own safety and well being.

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GPS Tracking Mysteries: What Is A Virtual Perimeter?

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This article was published on 2010/10/05