Arranged Marriages

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Arranged marriages are simply marriages where the parents of the couple who will be married are the ones who choose the partner. Marriages are also sometimes arranged based on recommendations from family and friends.

What are the up sides of arranged marriages? Well, for one thing, this is a very convenient way for people to be matched, if they have thus far been unable to find suitable partners on their own. Sometimes the children's wishes are taken into account by parents before they make or accept a proposal, but sometimes the parents decide without this input.

Informal arrangement is the modern trend. Generally, parents will compile a dossier of details about their child, including everything from educational attainment and family background to interests and hobbies. A photograph is also usually included. This material is then sent to marriage bureaus, or is sent as the response to an ad requesting a match for a child.

In most cases, a meeting between the young people is arranged and courting is permitted. There are arranged marriages in many areas of Asia, but even within the United States there are certain cultures that favor this route to partnership.

A very recent trend in arranged marriage is to find a spouse for the young person online. This method involves sending a profile to a matrimonial website and waiting for a match. The individuals then get in touch by phone or email and get to know one another in this manner.

Arranged marriages are very stable unions. These marriages are based on religious, educational, and financial compatibility. An added bonus is that the parents generally approve of and are happy with the match as well.

Marriages arranged for other reasons may not fare as well. For instance, many parents will arrange a marriage in order to grow and expand the family business. This is a need based marriage, and not a compatibility-based one. Often, people only agree to this because they have tried to find love on their own and have failed.

When researchers consider arranged marriages, they often find that the divorce rate is comparatively low. Plenty of couples start out in an arranged marriage, only to grow to be madly in love with one another over time.

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Arranged Marriages

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This article was published on 2010/07/10
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